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Publications by Dr. R. D. Lele

1. Lele RD Clinical Trials with Chlorothiazide as a diuretic JAPI 1960, Vol. 8(1), 11-19.

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25. Lele RD Nuclear Medicine : A Review Qauart Med Rev 1971 October.

26. Sahastrabudhe MB, Madyastha KR, Prema S, Lele RD, Gollerkeri MP, Rao SS. Induction of specific autoimmune response to leulaemic cells in human leukaemia patient by chemically tagged normal “O” group white blood cells. Nature. 1971 Jul 16;232)5307):198-9. No abstract available. PMID:4997280 [PubMEd – indexed for MEDLINE].

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