Research Papers

Currently undertaken with DBT / DST grants under leadership of Dr. Lele, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Council,
Haffkine Institute, Mumbai

1. Radiolabelling (Tritium & C14) of Ayurvedic herbal drugs and whole body autoradiography to study their bio-distribution in small animals.

2. Inverted loop technique to assess bioavailability of Ayurvedic Herbal Drugs.

3. Mechanism-based screening of Ayurvedic herbal drugs with radioligand displacement from receptors.

4. In-vivo PET & optical imaging in Transgenic mice with Alzheirmer’s Disease to test the effectiveness of10Ayurvedic Medhya Rasayans for prevention and reversal.

5. Down syndrome. Alzheimer’s Disease: Prospective study to assess benefits of Ayurvedic Medhya rasayans for prevention and reversal. FDG PET/CT imaging for follow-up.






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